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How to configure cloudFront playback for ABR HLS streams transcoded from webRTC

Hi there,

I have Streaming Engine installed on a linux EC2 instance in AWS. I’m able to ingest a webRTC input and transcode it to adaptive bitrate HLS. The only way I could playback the ABR HLS stream was to connect to Streaming Engine like this:


However, we’d like to use cloudFront as our CDN. I created a Live HTTP Origin application and the cloudFront distro. However, the documentation is a little unclear on how to link the HLS streams to cloudFront. I think I need to create generic MPEG-TS stream targets for each rendition. But even if I were to do that, how does the master m3u8 file get created and updated in cloudFront? And what’s the URL schema for playback? For example, I don’t think I’d be able to use the application name or the smil parameter. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Let me see if we have some documentation for this here at Wowza.

We have this article on how to integrate CloudFront with a lot of examples- I hope this helps you. You can always send a support ticket too!