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How to configure Wowza flow player to divide the timeline of the video for every minute

    const player = flowplayer("#player",
  { src: ""
const innerText = Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(HTMLElement.prototype, "innerText")
const timestampEle = player.root.querySelector(".fp-timestamp")

Object.defineProperty(timestampEle, "innerText", {
        get: ()=>
      , set: (args)=> {
        if(! return, args)

        let timestamp = 0
        args.substring(1).split(":").reverse().forEach((value, index)=> {
          switch (index) {
            case 0: return  timestamp += parseFloat(value) * 1000
            case 1: return  timestamp += parseFloat(value) * 60000
            case 2: return  timestamp += parseFloat(value) * 3600000

        innerText?.set?.call(timestampEle, new Date( - timestamp).toLocaleTimeString())

I am working with HLS live stream and code above displays the local time instead of time duration covered, I want to configure the timeline of the video such that there is a mark at 0th second of every minute (i.e. XX:XX:00). As the stream is live and the playback of the stream has fixed duration, the 0th second of the time will keep shifting towards left because the older stream is getting lost and new stream is getting added.

How could I create marks at 0th second of every minute?