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How to configure wowza servers to respond to HttpIdent requests?

When I launch our viewer for rtmpt stream, player throws a HTTP 201 error and below are the network logs

Request URL:

Request Method:POST

Status Code:404 Not Found.

After reading some forums, i’ve understood that our servers are not responding to client’s HttpIdent (ident2) requests. How should i configure our servers to respond to these HttpIdent request and make it work for RTMPT streaming.

PS: port 80 is not blocked. RTMPT streaming works on wowza example clients too. Just not working on our flowplayer




If you are using the latest version of Wowza so 3.6.2 then we will respond to Ident2 requests.


Wowza uses HTTProviders. You can create them and learn how to implement them in /conf/VHost.xml by installing the Wowza IDE and reading the included guide:

Here are a few built-in HTTProviders you can look at as examples:

Also, take a look at this reference for HTTPIdent