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How to create a new Stream File if my source is ffmpeg from rpi 3

I created a steam using ffmpeg command from rpi. My raspberry pi is getting the stream from the camera, inputting certain text in the frames and then sending the stream to Wowza Steaming Engine. Now, when I try to add stream file with the source of my raspberry pi address it does not work. On Wowza Player I receive error ‘this live event has ended’ before I can even start playing it.

Could you please help me with what I need to enter as Stream URI, considering the fact hat I am receiving the stream from my raspberry pi that is on the same subnet?

Hi @Ken Hughes, these articles may help you to send a stream from ffmpeg on RPi to WSE. If you push the stream over RTMP, you won’t need to create a .stream file on WSE. But you may want to check and optionally configure the source security on WSE for enabling/disabling authentication.