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How to Enable nDVR with REST API or JAVA


I’m trying to enable/disable nDVR with REST Api like as follows; REST Api returns success but nDVR is not enabled or disabled.

I dont know where have I made mistakes. Anyone can help me please?


{ “windowDuration”: 0, “dvrMediaCacheEnabled”: false, “dvrEnable”: true, “startRecordingOnStartup”: false, “serverName”: “”, “store”: “dvrfilestorage”, “version”: “0”, “recorders”: “dvrrecorder”, “dvrOnlyStreaming”: false, “httpRandomizeMediaName”: false, “licenseType”: “Monthly”, “dvrEncryptionSharedSecret”: “”, “inUse”: true, “archiveStrategy”: “append”, “storageDir”: “C:\asd”, “saveFieldList”: [ “” ] }

This was answered inside a support ticket. When enabling nDVR you will have to add parameters to enable DVR packetizers dvrstreamingpacketizer and dvrchunkstreaming for nDVR to be enabled without using the Manager interface.