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How to execute custom logic through a shell script after a recording completes

This tutorial was written by one of our community members @Connessione who is sharing his streaming experience to assist others. He is a third party and not employed by Wowza.

Thanks for sharing this with the community!

A lot of use cases in the streaming workflow require us to do something after a stream recording completes. It could be as simple as notifying a remote endpoint or moving the recorded file to a different location etc. Irrespective of what you want to do, things can become complex as you work with java to write/trigger your custom logic as a module. Whenever you want to update the code, you will need to recompile and redeploy the code.

The open source onRecord module (ModuleOnRecordScript) makes it simpler for you to tap into the record complete event by connecting it to an external shell script (bash for Linux and .bat for windows). You can read through the module’s documentation to learn more about it and get an understanding of how it can be helpful to you.