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How to focus the camera on the Android Wowza GoCoder?


I am using wowza gocoder sdk.

How can I focus the camera on Android?

When I see that the camera is at a close distance, the image quality is very poor.

Please let me know how to use it.

It will depend on the capability of your Android device’s camera and the focus mode -

Please keep in mind that Wowza announced we will be discontinuing the Wowza GoCoder SDK.

In order to bring you the best solutions platform now and in the future, we will sunset the Wowza Player, and Wowza GoCoder SDK products, and the technology powering the Ultra Low Latency (ULL) service in Wowza Streaming Cloud.

This process will start on April 2, 2020, and will conclude on January 5, 2021. For technical support, please open a support ticket.

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