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how to get live stream image every frame on Wowza server

I am a new member. I would like to use Wowza for my live stream server.

On our server, we implement many computer vision function. So, now we want to get image at every frame for call computer vision function.

If possible can you please suggest

Welcome @Android Dev! This is very similar to a question asked here before and perhaps it will help you:

Hello @Rose Power

You are saying to refer getting thumbnail images of live stream, There is no answer for frames.

Even i tired to implement a logic to get frames referring with thumbnail images sample code, but no use.

Here is my requirement:

Apply computer vision filter(like face detection) and draw a rectangular box in live stream and publishing.

Can you please let me know the possibilities of my requirement in wowza server.

Note: i don’t want to use wowza REST API.

Thank you for that feedback @Android Dev. For this scenario, we would need technical support to work with you and determine a solution. I don’t have a workflow to share at this time. Our engineers can assist you though through a ticket.