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How to get stream diagnostic statistics, as as RTCP reports fro RTSP

How to get published / viewer stream statistics to investigate streaming problems related to network bandwidth or congestions ?

How to get debug info for QoS for different streaming protocols RTSP/RTP, webrtc/RTP, RTMP, WOWZ etc?

Hi Adnan, wowza has snmp support but it cant give all the problem cause or output . You can get this kind of info from rest api, also by tracking the Stream status , stream target status etc you get the real result . If you dont have a developer about that I’m ready to help you . Please send email to me

Thanks for the pointers.

Is there a way to get these pieces of information in the log file for later analysis instead of monitoring the stream status real-time.

Adnan, wowza has great logger system. Default logger is Log4j, it’s a log standart for java, you can easily analyze this type of logs by sawmill analyzer, it has wowza log4j support if I’M not mistaken. Also you can get the log with your own console with wowza console appender or you can get all the log through your sql database with mysql appender, it’s all ready in wowza and easy to make it enable.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I am able to get the logs. But couldn’t find any runtime information of stream statistics e.g., totalInByte, inRate, lossBytes, lossCount, lossCountRate, totalOutBytes, outRate etc, as seen in SNMP manager.

Need to know how to enable the said information to appear in logs.