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How to handle pre and post live stream video in wowza streaming cloud

We’re planning to use the wowza cloud api to create a live stream then push video via the gocoder sdk. A minute before the video live stream starts we want the users to see video with a count down until live stream time. After the live stream is done we’re going to programmatically pull down the recording and replace the stream however until the encoding finishes we’d like to show something in the video suggesting that the stream is over and its being processed and will soon be available for rewatching. It’s possible for us to handle all this switching in the client code but our app already knows how to play video from an HLS url so we were hoping we could handle all this within the stream itself. I see some options if you’re using the streaming engine but nothing with the cloud.

I was able to find this gocoder example of loading a local file into the stream:

Are there any other options available?


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sounds like you are on the right track.

here is some documentation on metadata and inserting into the Cloud stream. You can have metadata embedded in the stream and have your player detect the data and a specific tag to trigger certain events:

Hope this helps.


That is very interesting @Jermaine Hemby. I saw that doc but it appears to be focused on the PDT tag specifically. Is there an example or other documentation about injecting custom tags?