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How to have multiple WebRTC connections in a single web client.

Hi, I have been trying to build a Web UI that will be able to display multiple camera streams in the same screen.

Is there a way to modify the WebRTC code provided in the sample code to allow for that? Based on my understanding, the current code only allows for one stream per page as the command “getOffer” only requests for the status of a single stream.

You can’t do this in the sample, but you can accomplish this with 1:1 in webrtc, but not several streams connected and playing in one screen. I am not 100% clear what you are trying to build, but let me know if this helps. I don’t have any documentation from Wowza on how to do this, but this was built by one of our senior consultants.

Hi Rose. Thanks! Will try out the sample and let you know how it goes!