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How to install and use the Apple iOS streaming validator tool (mediastreamvalidator)

Hello Charlie

Can I use HTTP Live Streaming Tools:mediastreamsegmenter with my WMS 2.1.1 .smil file to create multi index.m3u8 file and three .ts video file ?


I tried with a free membership and I didn’t see the tool in the download list.

Referring to this page, I think you would use the variantplaylistcreator for that. But I have not used it, and don’t know if the output is a compatible smil file.

The mediastreamsegmenter creates segments (or chunks) from the media, which would not be compatible with Wowza because that is what Wowza is doing, and Wowza does not support pre-segmented media.

.ts files are not supported by Wowza at this time.


if you download the iphone SDK (xcode 3.2.2 and iphone sdk 3.2) it has a program called the iphone simulator which works well to test.

Requires Snow Leopard to Run though…