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How to limit client to server bandwith on live streaming


We are working on a platform for living events and we’re predicting have a lot of access, so

Is there a way to limit bandwith on server to receive from the clients?

For example: We want to limit a maximum of 2mb/s on server from clients to watch the lives streaming.

So, why we want that? Because the live streaming is too slow and we suspect that this behavior its because of RAM. Our initial server has 16GB RAM.


Hi @Célio Garcia, you cannot force the clients to use a low bandwidth, unless you have control over the software or App that they use; e.g. if you develop your own App that sends a stream to the server, then you can limit the upload bandwidth.

What you can do, is develop a custom plug-in for Wowza Streaming Engine where you disconnect the user if he sends with a high bitrate. It’s maybe rude, but I think it’s the only option.