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How to listen "RTSP/RTP re-streaming timeout" event?


In our application, sometimes we can not able to start streaming and see this comment in the logs:

RTPSessionDescriptionDataProviderBasic.getStreamInfo: RTSP/RTP re-streaming timeout.

Above comment doesn’t say anything about which streaming process is timed-out, but we think that it is related with our case. Further, we see below comment in the beginning of the start streaming process:

RTPMediaCaster.Reconnector[615222757:asd/_definst_:123456.asd]: start: 1

However, in the working case, above comment followed by this:

RTPMediaCaster.Reconnector[615222757:asd/_definst_:123456.asd]: done: 1

But, we are able to see this “done” comment sometimes, not every time.

My question is that how can we listen/catch “RTSP/RTP re-streaming timeout” comment/event and get notified when stream can not be successfully started or published?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Mustafa,

The error is usually related to network connectivity problems, an inability to connect to the MediaCaster stream. Look at previous log lines for clues. This could also be caused if hitting the upper limit of the number streams that the server can handle. Another server may need to be added. Recommend installing Advanced Stream Monitor, which monitors and resets unhealthy streams and Server monitoring with JConsole.