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How to "Lock" Channel PID (PID,VideoPID,AudioPID) in UDP Multicast input

Hi Guys,

I want to ask, I receive UDP Multicast input in Wowza Streaming Engine. In one Multicast i have 4 program channels , lets say channel A TV, Channel B TV, etc. Yes i can select channel manually. The problem is if 1 channel get scrambled from source, WSE is back to default to select the first program in the list of programs in the PMT is used.
Can i “lock” the stream to not select other channel programs? and make the video become black or freeze instead


Hi Novrizal,

You would need to pull each stream from the multicast stream, using a .stream file. You can follow this article to specify which Video and Audio PID needs to be ingested to the Wowza streaming engine to deliver as an HLS stream.

Then use the smil file at the destination to combine the streams.

It would look something like the details in the following support article:

kishore kumar
Senior Technical Support Engineer