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How to make multiple video streaming in ios app

I have built an ios app.In the app there is two type of users.One is Artist and another one is Viewer.Multiple artist can go for live video at the same time and simultaneously many viewer can view the multiple live streaming.What is the best solution for it? Please give me some suggestions on it…

Hi Supriya,

You will need a mobile library that can support both encoding a stream to send to your Wowza instance and playing back the stream from your Wowza instance. We do have the Wowza GoCoder SDK for developing apps that can encode a stream. However, this does not currently include any player APIs. You will need to use third-party libraries to add player functionality to your app.


Thanks Michelle for your valuable suggestion…I have already integrate the Wowza GoCoder SDK…but its working fine for one channel…But if i want to make multiple channel then what should we do?

By multiple channels, are you referring to a multi-party video conference type of streaming? If so, do refer to your player library on how to generate multiple player instances on the same view.