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How to play a video on demand file

Wowza currently does not support .ts file playback. It is something we have considered. We have no definitive plans at this time.


It is a feature that is high on the priority list.


Try decresing the key frame interval to a multiple of 10 seconds. For example make it 2, 2.5 or 5. Wowza breaks up the chunks on key frames. The target chunk size is 10 seconds. So the file needs to contain key frames at a multiple of 10 seconds.


It all depends on the encoder you are using. It is an encoder setting.



I’d like to play a video on demand file, I read the appropriate tutorial and I run it using the Extremists.m4v file. but when i past my file “Fichier.mp4” to the folder “Content” and when I try to play the new file using the examples/SimpleVideoStreaming/client/simplevideostreaming.html sample,

I receive the error in the Wowza Media Server Console:

WARN server comment Fichier.mp4[2]: java.lang.Exception: QT
Utils.parseQTMediaContainer: File is missing 'moov' atom.

Have you any idea to solve this problem.

thank you

The tutorial says:

"Enter the following URL into the Safari web browser on the device:



Note: This stream can also be played using the Safari Browser or QuickTime 10.x on a computer running OSX version 10.6 or greater (Snow Leopard).

This works very well on an iPod Touch and using the Get URL function in QuickTime Player. However in Safari it downloads the playlist part of the command as an iTunes file with the following content:



It does not play the movie.

What can I do to make this work - I ultimately need to be able to place a command in an html document which will play the movie.

Thanks for your advice.

Hi all,

I using wowza server 2 to display stream on silver light player using wowza examples name SimpleVideoStreaming.

I did all steps given by wowza tech team but i m unable to play http://serverIp:1935/vod/mp4:Extremists.m4v/Manifest at last step.

On the hand, I assigned mediaSource= in html file.that’ s working fine.

can somenone tell me. Is it due to the m4v/mp4 file format support to silverlight player or something else that i need to do at my end ?

Is there any way, wowza team provide video file format in wmv other than mp4 for testing purpose. ?



I’m trying to run “auto bitrate switching” with open video player 2.1.3 (win Vista, firefox, IE 8).

I have smil file with list of available video files.

When I open smil file with OVP, it starts to check bandwidth but it shows “unavailable”.

When I open wowza log i see “Missing function: _checkbw”

Any advice?

Second problem is with silverlight. I’m using (in tutorial recomended IIS_Smooth_Streaming_Player_Development) player. It can open smil file. Video starts with maximum quality (or rises fast to best quality). But after few seconds lower and lower video is selected. And than lowest quality is played till the end.

Both computers are on 100Mbps LAN. So speed or delay isn´t problem.


It sounds like the file is not properly formatted. We can take a look at it. Send a copy to


We do not have any definitive time frame. How exactly do you plan on using video on demand over RTSP/RTP? Is it for mobile, desktop, set-top box. What is the use case?


I don’t think so but I need to look at the code. I will try to post back in the next few days with the answer.


All the segmentation is done in memory. Nothing is cached or saved to disk.


See these forum posts:



For Flowplayer, you have to try it out, but I think the answer (at this moment) is no. But I am not sure. JW player 4.7 is supposed to work for multi-bitrate, and they are working on multi-bitrate for JW player 5.



Please provide more details. You should be using Wowza Server 2. What player technology are you using? If Flash, which player system? Are you prepending “smil:” to stream name?


On the IPhone, go to Settings > Safari > Plugins. It’s probably “OFF”. Switch it on and it should work.


It won’t work in Safari on desktop. It won’t work in any desktop browser, it only works on Safari on the IPhone. Or maybe some simulator, but not that I have seen work.

You can play the same stream in a Flash player that is embedded in a Safari or any desktop browser over rtmp:



You can use HTML page to display the video in a video tag, and put instructionas below it.

  <title>IPhone video</title> 
<video src="http://[wowza-address]:1935/iphone/_definst_/someStream/playlist.m3u8"> 
<b>Make sure you enable plugins:<BR>
Go to Settings > Safari > Plugins. Switch it "On"

Put this page on webserver and open in IPhone Safari.



It is difficult, but if you want to see it work in a Flash player, the shortest and easiest way to get there is in on the first page of that article, the download, “”

See this post: