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How to quickly open the player?

Hello, I am 20 ms from my server,

the player takes a long time to load, can you help me?

the video needs to open in 1 second

any adjustment? Please help me

Your question isn’t very concrete. You need to figure out that is slow. The page loading, the player loading or the media server connection/resource fetching. Good place to start is to use browser tools to inspect network tab.

hi, thanks, Looking at the Dev tools when. on your player page I see that the load times for .ts chunks is kind of slow and inconsistent. I see a 1mb file take 4 seconds to to fix it?

I think that would be a very big question comprising of multiple small questions. It depends on server configuration, server type, network, network port and a lot more. If it’s is a managed hosting it would be better to get help from those folks.