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How to re-stream an unprotected stream from FMS or a CDN such as Akamai

You can use /conf/StartupStreams.xml to start MediaCaster streams when the Server starts.

I think you can leave the Applicaiton.xml /StreamType “live”, set the MediaCaster type to “liverepeater” in the StartupStreams.xml file, and set Application.xml /LiveStreamPacketizer = “cupertinostreamingpacketizer”, and will work on IPhone.


You still can’t subscribe as such from server to server, and I don’t think the source for livestream repeater is available to modify, but, if it helps, you can use a live stream(s) as a source for a Stream class stream. You make the “start” parameter “-2”


This either means Wowza is already started or another program is running and using port 1935. You might be starting the server in stand alone mode when Wowza is running as a service. If you are using putty or cmd window, control-c should get you back to a prompt.

You can open another console and run [wowza-install-dir]/bin/ (shutdown.bat)


Yes, of course, you can have many streams with different sources and different names.


If you are referring to StreamManager, you can automate using /conf/StartUpStreams.xml


it looks alike for every stream I have to modify the file manually , is it any way to do that automatically ?

What were you referring to?

StreamManager is one way to start pulling a MediaCaster:

/conf/StartUpStream.xml is another way.


You probably don’t need StreamManager in that case.


You can repeat step #4 as many times as you want, creating different . stream files, and each one can be a different server + stream name or smil file.


You can use the .stream file names in the smil. Put the smil file and the .stream files in the edge content folder:

edge server /content/myStream.smil:

<video src="" system-bitrate="10480000"/>
<video src="" system-bitrate="7480000"/>
<video src="" system-bitrate="3480000"/>

edge server /content/



You’re welcome. Glad you got it working. Thanks for the update.


Either one of those is correct. The first one is usual in this case.

Make sure your text editor doesn’t add .txt extension


Have you seen this guide:

Go through that, follow the 1,2,3 setup, then the A,B,C test.


Works okay in Wowza Flash player from here

Server: rtmp://

Stream: T00304@20413

The ticker is smooth and the audio is great, for me at my location.

What is the bitrate? Choppy playback in Flash is usually a bitrate/bandwidth issue.


What URL are you using for iOS playback? I tried this but there is no playlist:

Is this CDN URL to an FMS server?



Yes, this is still the same. It only works with un-protected steams.


I understand that, but how I generate the smil?

If I have and, how do I insert that into the .smil file?

I mean, for example in an standard .smil you have:

In the streamname field should I put, ??

Thanks Richard

Ok, but how do I access to the smil file with the iphone browser?

Do I need to create a third application? If I have one application for the first stream and other for the second stream, I would need a third application for indexing the smil, right?

Trying as I write this lines…

Edit: Finally I used another stream under the same application and it works, thank you very much for your help Richard.

Is there support for Akamai token based streaming on wowza reflectors, pulling streams from Akamai?


Akamai has a way to secure media streams. They generate “tokens” which the client needs to provide to the Akamai server whenever they need to fetch a stream.

The token is appended to the stream name & the url looks like this:


Look at “auth=”. Will a Wowza reflector re-streaming an Akamai stream, support this functionality?

If yes, what do I need to configure?

If no, do you have any work around, even if it means extra code?


Is there a way I could re-write my own live repeater, which supports query parameters?

The first step is to be able to subscribe to live streams from other servers. I think, in the previous versions of wowza, this was not possible. Is this possible in Wowza 2?

The second step would be to republish these streams for clients on this server. I saw support for vod streams using Stream class in Wowza 2. Can this be done for live streams?

Any ideas here?