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How to redirect an existing http session

I try to redirect a live stream to a vod file:

using session.RedirectSession(newUrl) works ok, when I use this in onHTTPSessionCreate

It redirects the live stream to the vod file, ok.

But trying to redirect current sessions doesnt . I’ve get list of http sessions on server and try to redirect all session form the live stream to vod file

In that case, in player, current live stream stops and the new vod file is not playing.

Hi Bogdan,

It sounds like you are trying to use a preroll/midroll/postroll workflow, where you need your clients to loop a VOD stream when the live stream is unpublished. If so, do please look into the StreamPublisher module instead.


ok, thanks. Actually I try to solve this scenario : while streaming live, at one moment of time , I try to redirect some users to a vod ( a warning message ) , but live stream continues. Some new users that are just connecting, are redirected, is ok, but must redirected other that are already in session and watching the live stream.

Can this be solved using StreamPublisher module ?