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How To Schedule PushPusblish Application in Streaming Engine


I currently use Wowza to connect to a handful of IP cameras and then push the stream to a CDN. A few cameras are in differnt timezones and I am looking for a way to reduce streaming cost to the CDN. I also would like to be able to schedule Wowza to stop pulling a stream from IP camera to save on 3G/4G bandwidth.

Is it possible to setup differnt applications for each timezone and schedule them to be enabled/disabled at certain times using a cron?

I was able to do this with an older version of Wowza, but since upgrading to Wowza Streaming Engine I have not been able to.



The easiest way might be to use the REST API mechanism with curl queries.

Through some clever curl commands you can control many aspects of Wowza Streaming Engine that would normally be done through the UI. This means you could use scripts and schedule such tasks with cron as you suggest.

Presumably you are using stream files for your streams. There is an example that shows how to connect to a stream with such a curl query.