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How to serve segmentation recoreded files as one video

I used the streaming record feature and got the segmentation files like below.


I want to serve them as linked one video on vod application.
Of course I was able to access the individual video file, however I couldn’t find any solution for access the group of segmented file list.
How can do that?

Welcome to the community @Dove_live! :wave:

If I understand you correctly, you’d like to play the the three segments in one VOD file and have them linked together as one video. What you could do is put each of the mp4 files in your content folder and create a playlist or schedule. It will automatically go to the next mp4 in the playlist when the first mp4 is over. It will play all three in a row if you’d like.

We have some good documentation on this and a video tutorial as well, but basically the playlist will be built using a smil file where you list each of those video segment mp4 files.

FULL explanation here:

Also, if it feels a little overwhelming in the doc, it’s not that bad really once you see a demo of how to set it up that we have here for you. They are doing the exact same thing in that video as in the doc to create a playlist of mp4 files.

If you want to join all 3 streams together smoothly so no break between the three, FFMPEG will make it continuous. You could use that too to connect all three mp4 files into one and then use that as your source stream to Engine.

I was expecting the feature of Wowza itself for including all the segmented file list on VOD application.

e.g. I want to watch the all segmented video files continuously with the one playlist file.{version}.mp4/playlist.m3u8

However, you mean there is no feature like that on wowza itself?