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How to setup a CDN stream target in Wowza Streaming Engine keeping metadata in HLS stream?

I have an application that ingests AMF metadata in an HLS stream and convert them in ID3 ready to be displayed via JavaScript. When I define a stream target (Azure CDN specifically) the metadata get removed, maybe because the stream is re-encoded. Is there a way to distribute a stream to a CDN keeping metadata intact?

Hmmm…let me ask for you about the Azure CDN part. That should work though.

Wowza Streaming Engine can receive AMF metadata from an encoder or other source that supports and sends it, or you can inject AMF metadata directly into a stream as it enters the Wowza Streaming Engine server. Injecting AMF metadata at the server level requires using a custom HTTP provider.

Once the AMF metadata is in the stream, it can be converted to ID3 (the format used with HLS for timed metadata) or emsg (the format used with MPEG-DASH for timed metadata) and delivered with the stream when it’s played over HLS or MPEG-DASH.