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How to show playback control?

I want to hide the playback controls when the streaming is not yet running and show them when the (custom) play button is pressed and the stream can play.

I notice that I can hide the playback controls by set uiShowPlaybackControls to false when initialize the player. But I couldn’t found how to show them when the stream run. Anybody can give me a clue about it? Thanks in advance for the help.

I’m not sure we have a way to do this, but I’ll check for you.

Turns out this is possible, but would require some changes in our Player to enable it. I am submitting a request to the Player team on your behalf. When I have an ETA, I will reach out to you. Thanks for the great question!

Thank you for checked it and make it as a request to the developer team.

If I may add a suggestion, I think it would be better if the uiShowPlaybackControls is break into several components (big play button, small play button, live icon, elapsed and total time indicator), so it will make a “design” more flexible, the user can show only the elements he needed.

Also I didn’t see any way to get (for e.g.) the list of available qualities (when stream an adaptive bitrate). without it I think it would be rather hard if we want to design our own player.

BTW, I supposed the show and hide option will also be available for other uiShowxxx properties, right?

Thank you.

I passed your feedback on -thank you. An additional response from the Player team was:

I expect that they should be able to turn off the UI and provide their own UI overlaid on top of the player that they can control. They can then control the player via our API (play/pause/stop, etc). This is advanced work… possible but player team cannot do this customization for them.

We do have Professional Services team that helps you build out certain parts or all of your streaming workflow. Keep that in mind should you run into an issue.

Thank you for the respond. Actually that’s what I want to do, but I couldn’t found a method to retrieve (for e.g.) the bitrate in smil file, so how can I display the option for user to choose the bitrate? Or maybe (again) I overlook it?