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How to solve a timeout occurred while attempting to connection

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I need to know too. If anyone knows I’d really appreciate it

Hello Maestros,

Can you provide more context around where you are seeing these timeouts? Please provide example log snippets etc and more detail of your workflow.



I am trying to start streaming over my android phone. This error comes up

This connection issue happened to me as well. So let me explain the scenario I went through. I started both wowza streaming engine and wowza streaming server and connected the server through Windows laptop.

As mentioned in the wowza streaming engine portal (8088), I set

host server -

port - 1935

application - app-0651

stream name - 66535736

and also I set the source username and password correctly in the GoCoder app.

When I start streaming, it shows error message “A timeout occurred while attempting to connect”

Can this be fixed? Please provide solution at your earliest.Thank you.

I am facing the same problem. Every time I try to connect to WSEM throu android app it gives me this “Connection time out error”,

I am facing the same problem. why any wowza member not reply?

I am also facing same problem.

im also facing that problem

i am also facing same problem where are wowza team gone ? why they are not answering on android mobile device ERROR : A timeout occurred while attempting to connect"

same issue
any solution you got?

We also get the same issue each time throw an error like Connection Time Out

i am facing the same problem when i open geoencoder android app and start to stream

please help me

Stumbled on this thread from 2017. I am trying to setup gocoder to stream the server and i see this same message. Firewalls are all turned off etc and the streaming manager is working fine. Looks like a lot of others have experienced this and not much help. hmm… not very good.

Thank you for posting, This issue had been addressed in several other posts so I am sorry for the confusion in this thread.

Per tech support:

A network connection error is usually because:

  1. The mobile device is obviously unable to establish a connection to the server.

  2. DNS issue that is timing out- you can run a ping test to see if this working correctly.

  3. Make sure you are not using a private IP address and that it is routable outside your local network.

  4. If you can connect to port 1935 when opening a browser directly on the server then that points to a network issue.

I would recommend ensuring your mobile device is connected to the same network as the Wowza server, and checking if there are any firewalls or router configurations that is preventing TCP inbound/outbound traffic on this server/port address.

This thread is so awesome and fantastic.

Restarting my phone fixed the issue for me!

In Windows 10, if you open Windows Firewall and Advanced Security, you will need to create a new Inbound Rule to allow for connections on port 1935. If you click on “New Rule” and select “Port” instead of “Program”, you should be able to build a TCP rule for port 1935, allowing these inbound connections.

check firewall setting and find 1935 port is enabled or not.