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How to specify recorder listener notification in REST API startRecord request


I am trying to record live stream with REST API query like in the article:

Everything is working fine. I can start and stop recording by POST/GET requests with JSON parameters. But I need some custom logic for the process: insert/update data in my database on file segment start/end.

Is there a parameter in POST request which specifies custom IStreamRecorderActionNotify interface like in a ServerSide API and what is its name?

WSE 4.7.7

My current POST request:

  1. Command
  1. Data
	"instanceName": "_definst_",
	"fileVersionDelegateName": "com.wowza.wms.livestreamrecord.manager.StreamRecorderFileVersionDelegate",
	"serverName": "",
	"recorderName": "b61ddc3f-82b0-4903-8007-fc05d3396438",
	"segmentSchedule": "",
	"outputPath": "",
	"currentFile": "",
	"applicationName": "rtp-live-iot",
	"fileTemplate": "${SourceStreamName}_${RecordingStartTime}_${SegmentNumber}",
	"segmentationType": "SegmentByDuration",
	"fileFormat": "MP4",
	"recorderState": "",
	"option": "",
	"currentSize": "0",
	"segmentSize": "0",
	"segmentDuration": "1800000",
	"backBufferTime": "0",
	"currentDuration": "0",
	"startOnKeyFrame": "true",
	"recordData": "false",
	"moveFirstVideoFrameToZero": "true",
	"defaultRecorder": "false",
	"splitOnTcDiscontinuity": "false"

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Hey, anybody? Wowza developers, why are you silent? Please, please answer my question. This is very urgent for me.

You can set this a property in your Application.xml, but it is not settable with the RESTAPI


It is a string and should go in the StreamRecorder section of the Application.xml. The value should be the name of your Notify class.