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How to start already exist live stream in wowza cloud service account?

Hello Wowza,

I have already created a live stream in my wowza cloud service account and I was regenerate Connection_Code using wowza rest API though and Config goCoder after than start streaming using wowza rest API and check stream status or stream status will display started but actually, goCoder did not started streaming.

//Regenerate connection Code API Response Response : [“live_stream”: {

“connection_code” = 0zbqVb;


//Start live stream API response Response : [“live_stream”: {

state = starting;


// Check Live stream state API response Response : [“live_stream”: {

“ip_address” = “”;

state = started;


Start live streaming function:


How I solve this issue?

Sorry you are still having trouble @nirav patel. Are you actually starting the stream in Cloud after you create it? Then you start the stream in the SDK on the phone.

Are you entering your Cloud connection settings like in the picture below? If it stays in the “starting” stream stage, it means something is not connecting correctly from the encoder in the GoCoder SDK to Cloud.

If you feel you need help setting this all up, you can work with one of our consultants or sales advisory services. Someone will need to look at all your files and see where the error is. You can email to look into receiving help.

@nirav patel please know this also:

The issue you are referencing can also be caused by the transcoder not being online/available when the GoCoder app is attempting to publish. The DNS name has not resolved to an IP address and it is failing to connect. You can poll the transcoder to see when an IP has been assigned: