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How to switch to absolute url for .ts files in apple http live streaming


I’ve followed the instructions in

but it turned out that only the chunklist.m3u8 in the playlist.m3u8 was in absolute url, but not the .ts files in chunklist.m3u8

What should I do so that absolute url is used for those media segment in chunklist.m3u8?

Thank you.

There is no other Property setting like that, the .ts files are relative to the chunklist url


Why do you need that?



We are developing a DRM for live HLS which basically the player will first contact the key server for authentication, and then be redirected to wowza.

And we found that in android, if relative path is used, the segments are treated as related to the key server instead of the wowza.

I know there are mechanisms in wowza for cooperating with the key server, but considering that the DRM has to work with other hardware HLS encoder, these may not be a good option for us.