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How use wowza vod with paella player ?


Noob question :

I’ve a bunch of mp4 files on my web site,

how use wowza to live transcode them to hls or other adaptative streaming format and play with my paella player ?


@Lex Markham, do you want VOD playback, or do you want to create a simulated Live stream from one or more MP4 files in a playlist?

Wowza Streaming Engine doesn’t support transcoding of VOD; transcoding only works for Live streams. So if you use a plug-in to play a pre-defined playlist as a Live stream, then you can use the transcoder.

Packaging to HLS, MPEG-DASH, etc. is of course supported for both Live and VOD. But auto-generation of an Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) stream is only supported for Live - as it requires transcoding. For VOD+ABR, you must prepare the MP4 files yourself and generate a SMIL file.

I am not familiar with Paella player specifically, but check out this article -