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HTML based graphics overlay

So I am currently working on building up our wowza system. We are looking at implementing graphics based off of a custom HTML / web based package. We previously pulled these in OBS. Are there any recommendations for dealing with something like this? Is it even possible?

I’m happy to help you @Melody Nicholls, but need a little more information please. Are you using Wowza Streaming Engine or Cloud? As far as your workflow and graphics, please tell me more about “pulling graphics” from OBS? Are you saying you would like some custom graphics in your live streams at certain time points?

What player are you using for stream playback?

As much as you can share please…it will help me guide you to the right documentation- thanks.

Sorry for the late reply. We are currently using Wowza streaming engine.

The goal is to have a web interface where people can input scores, player information, news, etc. This information is then pulled across into Wowza to go down as an overlay. I understand we can do this in OBS as a html overlay but we need something that people can use and forget about the complexities.

We have previously used casparcg to do this but this requires multiple computers. So far it’s looking to be a custom built product for us.


– Mel

Hey Mel. Did you ever have any luck with this? Im doing the same with OBS and Multiple EC2 Amazon Instances, Surely there is something out there that can act as a video server and overlay HTML Graphics,