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html5 video tags vod play portion or part of video

I am trying to use Wowza to do a simple html5 VOD.

I can successfully play VOD through VLC using this url.


I have encoded three different flavors of my video and placed them in my S3 bucket. I can play those files using HTML5 with the following simple code:

I searched far and wide and tried different things but I can’t figure how to reference those files through the Wowza Server. Will Wowza 2 work or does it have to be 3?

In the end I need to play only a portion of these files. I figured I would use something like the example below.

http://[wowza-ip-address]:1935/vod/mp4:sample.mp4/Manifest?wowzaplaystart=30000&wowzaplayduration=40000 (It seems I might need to use Wowza 3 for this part.

So how do I reference my files using HTML5 tag through Wowza and can I use something like above to only play a portion of these files? If I had a 90 minute video and only wanted to play the last 5 minutes would the entire video have to download before the last 5 minutes was available?

thanks in advance ~



Wowza only supports HTML5 video tag with cupertinostreaming in iOS devices, and Safari on Mac OSX. No other type of stream or platform/browser is supported at this time.

The ogg and webm files are not supported at present.



Not yet, no.



Is there any update to this, one year on?

Hi. Sorry just to clarify this. My ignorance will show up again. I’m reading html5 supports flash video with the following: <video id=“default_video” class=“video-js vjs-default…” <source type=“video/mp4”

I’m just confused…why can’t this be supported. What is the issue with mp4?