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HTTP MPEG-2TS streaming


A have a question - if it’s possible to implement HTTP MPEG-2 TS streaming (not HLS/HDS, etc) as a Server side module ? Maybe you have plans to add this stream type in the near future ? We need this for streaming to OTT STB, with low latency (HLS has high latency, RTP - problems with firewalls)

Is yes, how to get stream from module ?

No, Wowza does not support this. We do support mpeg-ts over udp and rtp. I don’t know of any plans to add support.


Possibly, but I don’t have any examples or guidance.


Hi rrlanham,

I know that now wowza does not support HTTP MPEG-2 TS streaming - but maybe it’s possible to add this additional protocol as a Server side module ?

I am interested into that feature as well but for VOD content (files stored as mp4 containers)