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http://[wowza-address]:8086/connectioncounts - can this be unsecured?


Can the HttpProvider: http://[wowza-address]:8086/connectioncounts be unsecured?

I plan on displaying that data in a “available connections” page.



Hello Joel,

Take a look at conf/VHost.xml. Under com.wowza.wms.http.HTTPConnectionCountsXML, change the AuthenticationMethod from “admin-digest” to “none”.

Awesome, I really appreciate it. Thanks Randall!

Please make sure you are using the correct port in your request.

You mentioned that the browser is diplaying this message:

Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to ???

but your URL is:


Which port are you actually using, 8086 or 8081?


Can you please confirm that your problem is fixed and it was a firewall port blocking issue?

The question marks used (???) are confusing and might give a different meaning to your last comment.


Make sure port 8086 is not blocked by a firewall. Also make sure the port is open and properly mapped to the server running Wowza in your network or port forward to the Wowza server.

This site may be helpful:


can any body plz tell when i enter its not working instead give me message Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to ???

i donot know what to do

i follow all the steps

  1. Add a username and password to the /conf/admin.password file for access to these pages.

Source code for customized output

You will need the Wowza IDE to build and deploy custom HTTPProviders.

If you want customized output, the source code for the serverinfo HTTPProvider is here.

The source code for connectioncounts is here.

Look at the /conf/VHost.xml /HostPort /Port (8086) /HTTProviders list to see how these are configured in Wowza Server.





i also try to connect via type address

http://piyush:5767@ ???

sorry its port:8086

Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to plz reply sir???

what is the problem i don’t understand???/

why i m getting these kind of message ???

but my port:1935 is working when i type

it give version of wowza but getting problem in port:8086 not opening???

hey salvadore are you sure that it is my port problem or something else…like .jar file which i created in wowza ide( in eclipse) or something else??? becoz i follow all the steps and automatically create .jar file in my [install]/lib or ??? can you plz tell me there is need to use something.jar file or they automatically call package name or class name in my something.jar??

plz reply??

thanks to all wowza support ??? the problem is solved now ??? my port is block ???