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HTTProvider parse post variables

Hmm. Weighing how much time it’ll take me to figure out how to compile java, set up Eclipse, etc.

But thanks for the lead, this is probably the “right” way to go.


No, because it is not generic in anyway. I don’t know what values you would like to pass into Wowza or what you would do with them.


To do this will require significant development work. You would start with the example at the top of this post and the Java source code in the LiveStreamRecord package. You will want to take the code from the LiveStreamRecord source and put in the HTTProvider. I think you will just need to pass Stream name and Application name in querystring to make that work.


so … how about to include this module into MODULE COLLECTION ?

i was read post about live stream record …

tacman1123 is asking about sending start/stop recording events from PHP on web server … And U answered :

Yes, you can use an HTTProvider. You can call an HTTP URL in your PHP application. Here is an example that is good starting place because it shows how to parse querystring or form variables:


Im not sure , what parameter do I need to send to wowza … but record control from php is good idea …