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HTTPS in Wowza

Hi, I have followed the tutorials about setting HTTPS for transmitting video, I put a certificate in the java keystore and in the logs if I restart the server it says that the binding is ok but if I try to see the video, for example this url, I change it to use https so is like this:

but that url doesn’t works, and I got no errors on logs, just it doesn’t works, I tried with the Wowza testing players and with VLC player. Can you help me?

I have found this on logs


2018-06-2809:20:57CESTcommentserverINFO200-killUnidentifiedSessions: Killing unidentified session: address:/—1181.68-------------------------


log in to your account - wowwza

streamlock tab

read what’s written there

it works

check in action: streamlock

sorry, I don’t get it, I can’t see streamlock tab on engine manager…

On the website: log in to your account - MY ACCOUNT

there is streamlock tab

I have already written the rest

sorry, I was confused, I thought it was in the Wowza server that I installed, not in, now it is clear.