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https over not working?

Hi, I have spent two days trying to make streamlock to work via https:

The following source works:


So does the following:

So the stremlock virtual host seems to work!

However!!!: - DOES NOT WORK!!!

Also testing SSL on it, I am getting complains.

the certificate is sitting in the following folder on wowza under Google Cloud VM:


The port 443 is open on FireWall.

The issue is, that I am trying to integrate JW Player on the site and use wowza as scalable server, but can’t seem to make it work as website is https and I have a feeling all the issues I am having with JW (OR actually any other player ingegration) is the fact that I can’t call source via https (via streamlock).

I am at the poing of giving up lol :slight_smile: as its getting rediculous.

I am sure its something simple that makes it not work, but can’t figure out what exactly is wrong?



Check the Wowza logs (!) for any errors or warnings; maybe your SSL password is incorrect, or the certificate has expired or is corrupted?

In addition to checking the logs as Karel suggested, our engineers took a quick peek at this post and suspect a configuration issue which can only be resolved with them having full access to your files. You can submit all that very easily in a support ticket and then we have the tools to quickly find the issue for you.

I know it’s frustrating trying to find the problem, but always know you can get help in a free support ticket with a Wowza engineer. Your workflow has a lot going on with integrating all those things. We’ll help get it straight and it’s not always obvious when you pull in other platforms like JW and Google Cloud to know just exactly where the problem is. We have the tools to quickly find it though.