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I am using wowza server to show my video. Video is not displaying on IOS and Chrome browser on Mac book but its working fine on windows why?

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Hello @Sucheta grack, much more information would be needed to determine this. You say you are using Wowza server…do you mean Wowza Streaming Engine? Your post is tagged for Cloud. Can you kindly provide more details on your workflow?

What is your source for the video stream…is it a live stream or VOD…what player, is this with Wowza SDK… etc?

Hello @Rose Power. I am using Wowza Streaming Engine and its working fine for web application on my window. It is a live stream with wowza GoCoder SDK. I am not able to play video on IOS device sometime the stream is available but not able to see the video and some time stream is not connected and need to reconnect the player again and again.

Hello @Sucheta grack, thanks for that info. Let’s go ahead and have you submit a support ticket and we can run some tests on it for you. Thanks.

I am not able to raise a ticket so can you provide me the solutions here. How can i make our video running on IOS because its working fine on windows but on IOS its give me blank screen.I create 2 live applications from wowza server. Inside first application stream is working fine on web and IOS but in second live application stream is not working on IOS. We also compare properties of both applications and make them same. like (what is the meaning of this media_w561587031_113.ts )

because its like this https://