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I need protection for my streaming link

I have web server API for android app. From web server API my android app getting my streaming link and users can watch live. Now I want to only allow my API link to load my streaming links if any 3rd party API put my link then link will not work Can I do this? i’m using Wowza for live streaming. If anyone 100% sure about the implementation please contact by skype id: mrrainp

I’m ready to pay for this task

Welcome to the forums @Ruhul_Amiin. Have you tried this yet?
rtsp://<hostname>:1935/<application>/<streamname> **?<SecureToken hash>**

It’s the same idea for live even though this example references VOD.

You can submit a ticket and a Wowza engineer can help you set this up- tickets are free to submit and receive help.