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I need to do an RTMP stream available for Android and iOS devices

Hi, I’m trying to do a live RTMP stream that is now working ok via a flash player, it is a live streaming. I need to do this streaming also available for Android and iOS. I don’t really know where to start, I’m using Wowza Media Server 3 Perpetual Edition 3.6.2 build5334, I guess that my wowza app should transcode the RTMP streaming, but I’m confused, I looked here: but it doesn’t say anything about Android itself (it says iOS is http / HLS streaming) What should I do?

By the other hand, I don’t know what to do in the Android / iOS side, I’m expecting something like having an url and click it, and expect the device to open the streaming with some app that will do the work. Am I right? Or it is possible to have a web players for both platforms?

Thanks in advice


For streaming to mobile both Apple iOS devices and Android (4.0+) both use the Apple HLS protocol.

You can use a link which the client could click on using the default browser which should play the stream but some players can stream both RTMP and Apple HLS such as JW player and Flowplayer.

To allow playback of streams via Apple HLS protocol you will need to add “cupertinostreamingpacketizer” to the Streams/LiveStreamPacketizers container in the Application.xml file.

You must also ensure that “cupertinostreaming” is added to the HTTPStreamers container. An article can be found below for reference.

How to set up live streaming (Application.xml)

After editing the file you will need to save it and then restart Wowza for the changes to take effect.



Hi, now I’m streaming HLS, I’ve only tried in Android, I’m using the url " , but I only hear the audio, no video at all. In myApp configuration, I have

cupertinostreamingpacketizer, smoothstreamingpacketizer, sanjosestreamingpacketizer



The m3u8 generated looks like this:





So I think that I’m only sending audio through HLS. In rtmp the stream is ok

¿Any thoughts?


I’d check the codec of the video source as this will need to be H.264 for it to be compatible for Apple HLS.

If you check the error.log file it should tell you if an audio or video codec is being used that’s not supported for Apple HLS.

The Wowza Transcoder can be used to adjust the audio and video codecs where needed.