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IClient is null on transcoded streams

I am noticing when implementing transrating/transcoding in Wowza, that in the OnPublished event for a IMediaStreamActionNotify2 the IMediaStream.get_Client() returns a null IClient object on any of the streams that are from the transrating/transcoding. The main stream always has this populated. This is turning out to be problematic cause i need to rely on the clientId for determining uniqueness. Is this a know bug or issue that one else has seen?

I also wanted to confirm that i am seeing the correct functionality occur while i enabling transrating/transcoding. I should be seeing the onPublish event fire for each of the transrating/transcoding streams correct? I would love to see a parent object that has all the expected streams and their current states. I know there is the MediaStreamMap but that only populates as each publish event is executed. and that also appears to not be consistent with the stream publish count and state

Any help and information would be awesome

Hello there.

Please open a support ticket by sending a zipped copy of the following folders to