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Illegal Licence key format android webview

i am trying to open player in xamarin forms android webview

document.getElementById(""overlay"").style.display = ""block""; var myPlayer = WowzaPlayer.create('playerElement',{ ""license"":""[PLAY1-*****-*****-*****-*****-JMh4b]"", ""sourceURL"":""rtmp://"", ""autoPlay"":true, ""volume"":""0"", ""mute"":false, ""uiShowQuickRewind"":false, ""uiShowFullscreen"":true} ); but always get exception of illegal Licence Key Format while same is working for iOS

Any chance you can zip up a repro?

One thing I noticed is the a that the generated code for player has the source format url from a GoCoder Source as something like:


versus what you have. What is your source? I can also look into if a custom renderer is needed to support invoking javascript from C# perhaps?

Nice work. You gave me an idea to create some content on using the player in a WebView for Xamarin Forms. Also, we are looking at building a GoCoder SDK wrapper for Xamarin Forms just to let you know. I have successfully built a prototype binding library and have broadcast from Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS. It is a start, but we have a ways to go yet. If you still want to send me your sample code as a starting point for an upcoming lab exercise it would be appreciated, my email is (you can delete all the obj and bin folders, so it will be tiny) Thx @pankaj rajput

I found the error
in iOS it accepting key as an array while in android it accepting it as a string

is working for me