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Image stabilization?

From a smartphone with the GoCoder app, I would like to stream live-action. The device will be moved around, and so there will be camera shake. The shake itself is problematic primarily due to the fact that it impacts video quality: At the same bandwidth, a video with with lots of shake will show more compression artifacts than a stabilized video. The reason simply is that lots of information changing from frame to frame requires higher bandwidth.

Does Wowza offer image stabilization?

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Image stabilization is not supported by Wowza.

What you might test is getting the highest quality result you can, and send that through the Wowza Transcoder to offer lower bitrate streams to the client via adaptive bitrate streaming.

How to set up and run Wowza Transcoder AddOn for live streaming

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adaptive bitrate streaming.

Thanks for the suggestion. However, that’s not really a solution: At low bitrates non-stabilized video looks like mush. Extreme example:

The best, of course, is to use a camera smartphone with image stabilization built-in. Also interesting is using a Sony HDR-AS100V with Steadyshot, and stream from that via a smartphone. However, then I assume GoCoder is not an option: As far as I can tell, it doesn’t support external WiFi-connected cameras.

Does Wowza sdk support now camera stabilization ?
Now iOS device support natively this :

Avcapture VideoStabilizationMode