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implementing awstats for wowza

I’ve successfully implemented awstats for woowza following this guide. . With few modifications to the original it worked like charm. But I’ve been struggling to unable user-agent parsing to awstats. I’ve added c-user-agent tag to the appender of the awstat segment in log conf. It displays data, but I don’t know how to parse it to awstat. Used the standard % switches for user-agent in awstat but the encoding is very different. I need the statistic to separate the devices ex pc, iphone, android etc. Or at least get the categories displayed with statistics as they are ex. WIN 10,3,181,14 MAC 10,2,159,1 Windows-Media-Player/12.0.7601.17514. Any help or a suggestion would be highly appreciated… Thx in advance…

Gorjan, thank for read my post I’ll try to add the User-Agent…

Wowza: I’m try to get into the Edges the StreamName but into the logs I get the Full url:

x-sname and x-ctx show the same FULL Path url:


and “x-file-name” show only (-)

Have some field how shwo the StreamName only?

And have some link to the documentation with the detail of each log field similar to this: