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Increase store time limit of nDVR


I’m using nDVR on WSE 4.7.0. i need to store about 3 days each channel, but Wowza limit 30 hours, Can you help me?

Thank you very much

You can manually set the maximum duration via the property in the DVR section of your Application.xml @Thanh Liem Tran.

BUT, I cannot stress enough that this is a poor practice and will lead to stream performance issues. Wowza does not recommend you store more than 30 hours.

Also, if a problem occurs during the recording (disk full, network, out-of-memory, etc.), the entire recording could be comprised. An extremely large manifest file may also cause performance issues because the entire manifest file must be loaded into memory. Select a strategy that records a reasonable length so that small manifest files can be loaded and unloaded quickly.

A longer recording is a viable workflow if only a small part of the recording is specified for playback. For example, a 24-hour recording with a 1- or 2-hour playback windows results in a much smaller playlist size vs. a playlist for the entire 24-hour recording. The playlist will be repeatedly requested every few seconds (based on keyframe size); therefore, an extremely large playlist size is problematic for the player and should be avoided.

You could consider splitting your streams across different apps if you want to have more DVR storage as the store is unique to a particular application.

Realistically though, I would recommend keeping the window as small as possible. DVR is really intended for live event streaming of say an hour or two (with an equivalent DVR window) and not as an archive method.

There may be better ways to archive streams, such as using live stream record, or running clip conversions of sections of the DVR store to create VOD assets for later playback.

Hope this helps you…

Thanks for your answer, @video streaming

I tried to set maximum duration via the about 3 days and append of type, but after 33 hours, nDVR can not record

With live-to-VoD nDVR store, i’m using it, but because i’m recording all progams of many channels and can not monitor all of them so i can’t start/stop exactly start/end-time

I see. All I can suggest is open a support ticket and see if the engineers have an alternative for you or maybe an idea of a custom module.

As I was saying, over 30 hours will cause issues, but it could mean that maybe you need more memory or storage space. Only way is for tech support to take a look through a ticket, they won’t do it here in forums. Let me know how it turns out @Thanh Liem Tran!

Thank you very much