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Inject custom SEI data in HLS stream

I know about the example modules that use the RTMP AMF -> ID3 method of injecting metadata into HLS streams. I would like to inject metadata into SEI messages using a similar technique. Can you provide and example module of how to construct/inject the custom SEI message?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your question, and I must apologize for the delay in receiving a response. We could definitely use some spark in this community,

I am not sure if you still require the answer but in case you still do or have plans. Then this might help you to construct and inject a custom SEI message using a Wowza module:

  1. You can use the Wowza IDE or your preferred development environment to create a new module class.

  2. Implement the necessary Wowza module functions: In your module class, override the appropriate functions for the desired injection point to intercept the creation of HLS streaming sessions.

  3. Inside the overridden function, construct the custom SEI message using the appropriate data structure. The SEI message should follow the required format and contain the desired information.

  4. Once the custom SEI message is constructed, you need to inject it into the HLS stream. The specific method for injection will depend on the HLS workflow and the version of Wowza Streaming Engine you are using.

  5. Build, deploy, and test the module: Once you have implemented the necessary functions and the custom SEI message injection logic, build the module. Deploy the module to your Wowza Streaming Engine installation and restart the server. Test the HLS stream using a compatible media player or analysis tool to verify that the custom SEI message is properly injected and present in the stream.

Please note that the actual code implementation will vary based on your specific requirements and the above instruction is a vague baseline instruction to get you started in the right direction but it might require further research or development on your end.

Alternatively, you can consult the community. I do see in the community there are people\third parties that can help you implement it otherwise you can also reach out to the Wowza Professional Services team.

WIshing you all the best!

Regards, Umair