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Inject SCTE-35 Ads marker to my live stream


I am planning to add a live streaming signal to Samsung TV, but they are asking me to inject SCTE-35 Ads marker to my live stream.

My wowza version is: 4.8.19+4 (build 20220628155901)

Can you help me with this requirement?

If you do not get a response in here, we have some docs around this and you can always submit a support ticket if you get stuck:

SCTE-35 has some requirements based on the protocol for playback:

For example, for HLS, you would need to add AMF and convert to ID3, but for MPEG-TS, an AMF-to-ID3 workflow doesn’t work. I suspect for Samsung TV, you will need MPEG-TS.

Here are some useful resources:



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