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Invalid licence (pepetual)

Trying to build a player and I get “Invalid license” in the play window

It is valid and running on my machine (MediaDS) so I am not sure what needs to happen to get the license valid in Player.

Sorry you’re having an issue @Scott Caster. Let me look into your player key and see why this is happening. I’ll post again or email you directly very soon.

Did you log in to your Cloud or Engine account with your credentials, launch player and NOT see your player key already in there? Or is is asking you to enter it manually @Scott Caster?

I will email your player key and I am sorry for the inconvenience.

The recent player release brought some changes @Scott Caster and one of them was the following :

When using the Wowza Player page in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager to launch Wowza Player Builder, the license key and playback URL are no longer pre-populated in Wowza Player Builder.
This is a temporary regression of functionality that we intend to fix in a future release of Wowza Player Builder. Until then, you can manually enter your license key and playback URL in Player Builder. For more information, see Issues with Wowza Player Builder functionality and access.

I sent the player key to the email you have associated with your account here. Please let me know if you for some reason you do not get it.

Good day, where can we find our player license key?

Hello @Subramanian Raj,

For NEW customers:

If you have just signed up for a Wowza license even if it’s a trial, you will receive an email with your player key.

If you are ALREADY a customer:

Please submit a support ticket and they will quickly email you your player key.

The Player will be populated with the player key in the next release, so this is a short-term issue. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you. One last question. I now have the license key so I no longer get “Invalid License”, but when I put the url of the HLS stream, (http://ip:1935/app/stream/playlist.m3u8) it won’t show in player. Just black. But it IS working in the WSE manager when I test players.

Are you streaming anything that would be using https that may be conflicting with the http? Are you getting any sort of error message you can share?

If not, that is strange and I would say send us a support ticket so we can find the issue quickly for you. Your url looks correct if that is the correct application and stream name.