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IP camera streaming


I have successfully streamed locally ip camera rtsp streams to wowza and restreamed them out to various others. I can play on every device using flow player and direct links for some mobile devices that will bring up video via browser. I am having trouble connecting remotely through the wan. Port 1935 is successfully port and open. Im not sure what else I could be missing the make this work. Also I have found out the flowplayer can be configured with rollover settings to auto detect what device is trying to connect and use different streams withough using multiple different players inserted in my page to allow for this. If this doesnt make any sense please let me know. Any help is appreciated.


Not sure but is this a pay consultant thread?

Hi Bryan, yes it is pay consultant thread.

So I can take a look at your configuration.

Please send me an email to

You have trouble connecting IP camera remotely through the wan. There are some troubleshoots to solve your problem:

  • Make sure your cameras are connected to the network.
  • Ensure all the ports of the network configuration are mapped to the Internet.
  • Open the firewall in the router to allow internet access to the camera.
  • If your computer has a firewall, proxy, ad-blocking software, anti-virus software or the like, try to temporarily disable them and connect the Server again.
  • Check your Web Server Settings and ensure that your user account has permission to access the cameras.
  • Make sure the cameras are compatible with the web browser you are using for remote viewing.

Hope this will help you. If still the problem remains, consult with a CCTV installation company or contact to technical support team.