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Iphone m3u8 on https

It seems that iphone player that is launched when clicking play button does not work with https. Concerning tag:

When I’m using iMac it is ok. Player is sending request to this playlist and there is no problem with connection to the server.

But when I’m using iPhone there is always a problem that iPhone does not provide client certificate (I do NOT REQUIRE IT): OpenSSL: Exit: error in SSLv3 read client certificate A

Anyway. It seems that iphone media player does not associate trusted connections / used client certs with safari so I can’t really create safe video tag. Somebody can help me with providing https video playlist on iphone? Is it possible?

Use one of the AES-128 methods for secure iOS streaming:


ok, using https is working for me now. But i also want to verify client, I installed proper certificate for client iphone, but when it’s connecting to HTTPS iphone does not provide proper cert. How to assign cert to my server by iphone mediaplayer?