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Is anyone using MediaCachePreload addon?

I have an VOD Edge application which has MediaCache enabled. I also added MediaCachePreload addon, for faster stream start up. I have the MediaCache source as a HTTP in the same server, however, it is taking many tries to be able to play the requested stream. Once it is stored in the media cache, it will load fast. My problem is that I am getting the following error when the engine reads from mediacachepreloadtargets.txt file.

MediaCache.createNewCachItem: Cannot find MediaCacheSource for (dvrorigin/Downfall/downfall.mp4).
ERROR server comment ServerListenerMediaCachePreload.LoadFilesThread.Exception:null

“dvrorigin” is the source name and not the prefix. So, I am not sure it takes automatically the source name rather than the prefix. It should take the prefix and not the source name.

Is this addon outdated or somthing?